Ridgerock Entertainment Group is an independent production company founded in 2005 with a passion to create and develop major independent films with great commercial success. Projects are developed as co-productions with co-financing partners. Ridgerock Entertainment Group has offices in  Las Vegas, NV. and Nashville, TN.


Brett Granstaff

President & Founder

Brett Granstaff, President of Ridgerock Entertainment Group is charged with the overall producing strategy of the  firm. This encompasses acquiring the intellectual properties, creative development and running all phases of production.Brett has a wide range of experience in both film and television. He attended New York University earning a BFA in film and television. While at NYU he was chosen for an internship at the BBC in London working on TV programing and completed their prestigious TV production course.After completing several projects in partnership with Emmett Furla Films (EFF) and Cross Creek Pictures, Brett chose to further his expertise by getting an MBA at the prestigious Judge Business School at Cambridge University, UK.Over the past four years Brett has produced seven films with stars ranging from Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, Joel Edgerton Kevin Bacon, Dakota Johnson, Sienna Miller, Bruce Willis, John Cusack, Nicholas Cage , Dwayne Johnson and Robert Deniro.

Gary Granstaff

Vice President & Producer

Gary Granstaff, Vice President of Ridgerock Entertainment Group, is charged with development, finance and acquiring intellectual properties for the firm. He has an extensive background in marketing and finance and owns one of the largest retirement consulting firms within Voya Financial Corporation. Gary has a thirty eight year history with sales, marketing and finance. His national organization operates in forty-two states and has over three hundred associates. Gary has been awarded the companies prestigious Life Time Achievement Award for his outstanding contribution to the success of the enterprise. He has an undergraduate and graduate degree from Middle Tennessee State University and attended Nashville Law School.He along with Brett Granstaff, founded Ridgerock Entertainment Group in 2005. Gary was a finance partner with William H Macy in his independent film The Deal staring Macy along with Meg Ryan. In addition to many projects owned by REG, Gary is currently in partnership with Cross Creek Pictures in several projects including the recently completed film Black Mass, starring Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Joel Edgerton. Gary has also partnered with Emmett Furla Films , along with Brett, on projects starring top Hollywood actors Nicholas Cage, John Cusack, Robert DeNiro and Bruce Willis.Gary heads the newly formed Ridgerock Faith division, which produces and finances “faith based” films. Recently completed, The Masked Saint, shot in Canada and was released on January 2016 and won the Best Picture Award at the International Christian Film Festival in 2015.